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From the Sunset Events Team! Thank you for this Post! We produce this event for people like you who get weepy when they think of the brand. YOU inspire us to do more every year!

Thank you!

The Sunset Events Team

Suburban Homestead

Thank YOU Sunset Events Team!!

Robin Stockwell

Rick. My name is Robin Stockwell and I am the succulent guy who created the mural at Sunset. When you visited my display Sunday morning I was off visiting a young friend at Stanford Hospital. I was sorry to have missed you. My co worker , Tiffany, who is star struck with you, was so excited to get to hear you and meet you. I asked her to give you one of the small living pictures and hope you did get it. I would be happy to furnish you with photos etc on how the murals are done. I can also help you make your own. Let me know what we can do to help you in the world of vertical gardening. Your talks added an energy to Celebration Weekend and moved the celebratory mood several notches higher. Robin Stockwell. Succulent Gardens.


Wow! That's so awesome! What an amazing event! I'm also enamoured of the succulents and they aren't even hardy here in Utah! Even so, I have a huge collection I'll be overwintering at the Conservation-based botanical garden I work for.

I am a huge Sunset fan too. Maybe someday they'll even feature awesome gardens from my home State- we do have great gardens here even if we can't grow all the awesome succulents the California folks take for granted! LOL!

Suburban Homestead

@ Robin Stockwell - I was so flattered to read your post - until I realized, you had the wrong person!! My name is Jeanice, not Rick! But I would still love to let readers know how to make your beautiful murals! Please email me directly at suburban.homestead@yahoo.com. Thanks!

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