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Kadi Ingram

Oh! No you didn't! Sharing the family recipe? This just does not happen in our family! Just joshin you! Thank you for the bit of nostalgia in my evening. I smiled as I thought of Aunt Millie and Grandma sitting side by side, shoulders together, cocktails in hand and laughing heartily. Beautiful memories and a great recipe. And for the record, I have one of those freezers now too....guess it runs in the family, that and the fact that yes, we are turning into Grandma!

Modern Homestead

Oh yes I did! And hopefully it truly is her very own meatloaf and not one she just grabbed from *The Joy of Cooking* and stamped her name on. Don't want to be sued for copy infringement!

Those little ladies were SO cute - all 4'11" of them!

Julia Skvaril

Ah yes, Aunt Millie and Granny Jean did love their cocktails! Nice additions to the meatloaf, will have to try as my kids WON'T eat it "Aunt Millie's Way". I can't understand it...but I love it and still make it anyway.

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