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each photo was more stunning than the next. including naked babies by the lake.
and most especially bacon and eggs! looks like a wonderful wonderful trip!


You got me. I have tears in my eyes looking through these pictures. Yosemite was the only place my family ever went on vacation (and only twice if I recall...). But, it was Yosemite (!!!) stunning, amazing, and wonder-filled. For those few wanderings and vivid memories (like when the bear crossed my path, followed hotly by a ranger asking which way he went!) in such a beautiful land, I am grateful.


It looks like you and your family had so much fun! I have been debating taking my family (which includes a rowdy toddler) for a Yosemite vacation. I think you just convinced me it is time. Love your blog too!

Suburban Homestead

Thank you, ALL!


I haven't read your blog in awhile (I have to figure out how to follow it...) So i'm reading old posts...We just did a family vacation in yosemite too in june...it was stunning, absolutely gorgeous. It was a lot of work, Our almost three year old son did great, and I almost made it to the very top of the mist trail at a then six months pregnant! That brought tears to my eyes...
There is truely nothing like yosemite!

Suburban Homestead

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