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I absolutely LOVE your way of living! I am trying so desperately to copy you lol. Yesterday, our pregnant goat had a baby boy kid! It was a wonderful experience! Have you ever considered goats??? They are wonderful animals and very low maintenance...

Suburban Homestead

Awww...Nadia, thank you! That's so sweet. I would love a small farm - pig, goat, sheep. But technically we aren't even really allowed to have chickens. Lots of people do have them, but there is a 60 year old "no livestock" rule in neighborhood laws. Congrats on the new baby!!! I loved that story of the kids naming it.


It's so nice you remembered that :) The baby is adorable! And the most awesome part is the goat milk we will get to have in a few weeks! I think if you really look into it, you would be able to have any animals you want as long as they do not cause a disturbance to the neighbors. We have the chickens but if we had a rooster that would be a problem since they are loud and wake people up :) Again, I really think you are awesome in everything you do and your blog is so beautiful!


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