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Oh my word THANK YOU for the awesome recipe!!!


This recipe is awesome! The only thing is I wouldn't call it vegan. Honey and chocolate chips are not vegan. Chocolate has dairy and honey comes from a bees "home" so therefore it's not vegan. Try agave necter and dairy less chocolate chips. Other than that this is brilliant! I shared this recipe with a few friends and family of mine and they all love it! and I just finished making it for some friends!

Kim Nero

Wow--terrific result. Instead of sugar and honey, I pureed dates in almond milk and melted that mixture into cashew butter, which I substituted for the peanut butter. I omitted the salt. I subbed dried cherries for the figs, which gave the bars a nice chocolate covered cherry flavor! I love this recipe, thank you.

Suburban Homestead

Kim - I just opened my computer to make a batch of these and saw your post! Great ideas. Next time I'll try your way as well. This time I'm doing it with agave instead of honey.


There are lots of vegan chocolate chips, I use vegan chocolate all the time. But honey is not vegan, so please use something else or don't call them vegan, it just fools people into believing that vegans can eat honey. :)
They look SO good, I'll make them this weekend. Will use agave instead of honey. Thanks for the pesnut butter tips. :D

Xeon E5

This looks awesome! So far my daughter isn't a granola fan but maybe eventually she'll come around :) For a gluten free option, you could even use gluten free oats.

Tina Rivera

Wow! I made this today! Followed the recipe except substited dried cherries for the figs and added 1/2 tsp cinnamon. They look delicious!

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